Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

HW INFOTECH   is a complete digital solutions provider. We are a group of passionate, young individuals who understand the world of internet technology as their home. We are experts in creating Custom Web-based Solutions, E-Commerce Websites, iPhone & Android Apps and all forms of Digital Marketing, including SEO, SEM, PPC and Social Media.

We develop online solutions that can help our clients achieve a high ROI through our Engineered Web Solutions that combine Website Design and Development with Online Marketing and Social Media, ensuring a high impact online presence from day one

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Clone script

Clone Job and Scope-:


I am business analysis in information technology since 8 years. I talked thousand of people during my journey. I experienced one thing entire my whole journey.

Every people they want to do own business. But they do not understand how to be start the project. What would be initial process to start the project? Lots of people they share this experience with me. I have started to find a solution to this problem if any person they have concept or idea how they can start the project without hassle free. One day I was discussing this thing with my team then I got a solution of clone script.  I have started work on clone job, I have made a list of possible project and they are very popular business in the word.

Then I contact to all person they are facing a problem to start the business and give solution to start the project with clone job. Once they heard first time they fear about clone job. Then I explain benefits


Benefits of clone.

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Android development

Android Development

Our Android App Development Team

One of the many characteristics that set Openxcell apart from the crowd of other Android app designers out there is our team. Our large team is comprised of Android app developers with the skills, creativity, initiative and expertise necessary to not only build a great app, but to build one thatðs reliable, fully functional, and is customized to your business brand and your target audience.

Our Android app designers are tech-obsessed. They love what they do, and you’ll love what they do, too. The results speak for themselves ð if you want a polished, flawless, native Android app, then we invite you to contact our Android app development company today.

consider a native Android app

Were an app development company that believes in leveraging each app store to the fullest, but also making the most of the various operating systems out there. Android is very different from yours, and our android app designers have.

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Website Designing

Web Design Company


Web design is 2 terminologies. Web is derived Internet terminology and design derived from art. Lets define in good manner web design meaning anybody they want to draw any art in the Internet it is called web design. In ancient time there is no way to do mass marketing. There was mouth-to-mouth marketing only.

There was very tough to marketing. Lets take a example I am living in united states America I want to marketing in Australia no way to do marketing or branding only one way to do local and mouth to mouth marketing.

In 1989 CERN TIM Berners -LEE do miracle in the world. They proposed to create a global hypertext project; later it becomes World Wide Web. 1989 wasInternet and technology year. After birth of Internet world become just home. Thousand of kilometerdistance just becomesmeter.


After 1989 invention start one by one. During 1991 to 1993 World wide web was born. After www browser wars start then html and so.

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Hospital Management System


Best Hospital Management Software


HW InfoTech is a leading company in hospital management software over the world. Our Hospital management system is using over 60 countries with different hospital. We have started this venture to contribute our effort in heath sector in 2001.

We are providing advance feature in hospital portal. Let me explain all feature in our product.


1)   Doctor Management Module

2)   Appointment

3)   ICD 10

4)   MRD Module

5)   Health Insurance Module

6)   Payroll Module

7)   Ambulance Module

8)   Pathology Management

9)   Physio Therapist

10)Equipment Maintenance

11)CSSD Module

12)Asset Management

13)Doctor Accounting

14)OPD Clinical Management

15)Store Management

16)Doctor Assistant

17)Phlebotomy Module

18)System Control

19)Software Management


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